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Freaky (R) (3.75)



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out of 10

The Review

This freaky tale begins with the La Dola dagger. When a local art collector finally locates it, it adds to his vast collection. In the small town of Blissfield, there's another legend. The Blissfield Butcher, a story that recirculates through the generations. Little do any of them know that this year, it's happening. The butcher will unexpectedly come across the dagger and when he attempts to use it, something unexpected happens. He will find himself in a body swap with his young victim. Her life up until now has been quiet; but not anymore. The adventure now becomes doing what's necessary to return things to normal. Only doing so will be much more challenging than any of them realize.

Will they be able to do what is necessary before time runs out or will the dagger have the last laugh? This story is a slightly different take on the "Freaky Friday" movies that have entertained us for years. Taking it into the horror genre will certainly both limit and expand its audience. Fans of the classics will be appalled, but fans of the absurd comedic horror stories might have a new favorite.

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