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Frozen II (PG) (7.25)



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out of 10

The Review

Arendelle is at peace and everyone in the kingdom seems happy. That is for all but one of them, Elsa, as happy as she is there is something calling to her. Does she follow the calling and risk everything or does she stay where everything is happy and safe? As much as she tries to ignore it, there is something that she cannot deny. What she thought would be a solo adventure to learn what it is and who she is... becomes much more when those closest to her insist on joining her on this journey. What they learn will put the future of Arendelle in jeopardy. Even though they find some answers, it leads to even more questions. They will have to risk everything (including themselves) in order to have any sort of future. Will they ever be able to return home again? Will there be a home to return to? Will they find the answers they're so desperately searching for? There are so many of these questions throughout, it's definitely aimed at an older audience (though still safe for kids). The content may be a bit intense for the youngest of audiences but the story will appeal to a much larger demographic. Truly a powerful sequel... is this the last we'll see of the sisters? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

There's a bonus scene after the credits that's worth waiting for.

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