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God's Not Dead (PG)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

I see both sides of the argument in "God's not dead". I think that Josh (Shane Harper) presented his facts in an open and clear way. Though in a class of approximately 80 students (given by him in the movie)... It is difficult to believe that he was the lone one who refused to write "God's not dead" and sign the paper. The other storylines in the movie, I felt were a distraction. The boy from PRC (Peoples Republic of China) and the Muslim girl didn't give enough of their stories to understand. What happened to the professor was a very unsatisfactory ending, it happened so abruptly that we weren't able to hear in his own words what he was going to share with the woman he loved. The Duck Dynasty portion seemed detached and almost unrelated to the movie, the only connection was the reporter. Her (the reporter) story was also very anticlimactic. Even after she saw the band, we were left hanging as to where her heart was. I enjoyed the movie but I was disappointed at the same time. If the movie had stayed more focused on Josh/Professor with the pastor's story included... I feel it would have been a more conclusive story.

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