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Happy Ending



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Happy endings... what are they? Are they something that we create or something we experience? Here we meet a successful author who doesn't believe in happy endings, as a matter of fact he doesn't believe in love. Relationship after relationship is great until he hears those three little words. Love to him is the worst of the four letter words. His relationships are the way of his writings... They have a beginning and a middle with depth to them but none of them have an ending. When he meets a certain someone that has a mutual interest and mindset. Together they make an agreement, unfortunately as time progresses... One of them is unable to keep it. It's back to the same ole routine of no happy endings... Or is it? As his life follows the same path, his writings begin to branch out. He finds a way to give happy endings to others but does he ever get one on his own? His story is ultimately told through a cheesy film during this film. This story is somewhat predictible from the beginning. There isn't much to the story, the characters are actually more interesting than the story itself. That along with multiple flaws make this a hard one to stay awake through. I for one couldn't wait for it to end.

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