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Held (UR) (5.75)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Til death do us part, just one of many vows we pledge during the wedding ceremony. Exactly what do they mean? To what extent do we follow them? That's what this couple is about to find out. As a getaway retreat, they book a quaint retreat to reconnect. They'll soon realize that there's much more to this than they realized. A book of rules and instructions gives them a bit of a clue but they're still at a loss as to the what and why of what is happening. Things play out and get darker and darker, what was meant as a romantic retreat is now a fight for their lives. When one of them comes across a chilling detail, what is unveiled will unravel much more than what is initially evident. This delicate dance into darkness had a heavy undertone that is unmistakable in its' presentation. Though a bit slow and somewhat trite in the details, it's an entertaining adventure that has a surprising twist that could catch you off guard. It's not the conventional marriage retreat, and it might make you think twice about the ones that are out there.

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Rules & Instructions
I - welcome home (1-3)
II - house rules (4-7)
III - keys / locks / security (5-9)
IV - kitchen appliances (10-15)
V - pet policies (16)
VI - clean up (17-22)

Every time I lay my eyes upon you I fall more deeply in love. It's been four days since I saw you, yet it seems like an eternity. I can still smell your perfume on my sheets. I can't imagine anything greater than lying in bed together with my arms wrapped around you.  To smell your hair and gently kiss your neck and... I love you. I love everything about you.

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