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Her (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

We all have our definitions of love but maybe it's simpler than a definition. What is love? How do we know what love is? It's different for all of us. In this story weᅠmeet a lonely writer who knows how to put feelings together for othersᅠbut he doesn't know how to put them together for himself. Relationship after relationship has failed, life has gotten in the way. On top of being a writer, he is a tech geek so when the new IOS1 comes out, he is one of the first to try it out. IOS1 is a different operating system. It's an artificially intelligent OS, that learns, grows and adapts based on the input from the user. The IOS1 names herself Samantha and surprisingly she adapts herself/itself to life more realistically than the furthest imagination. Theodore (writer/geek) and Samantha begin to develop a relationship and fall in love. A love that transcends all that makes us who we are. With all the emotions that go along with it, jealousy, anger, joy, pain, etc. The big question is... Is love enough to sustain us? What if there's more to existence than love? Is AI something that can be gained and lost? What if we lose whoᅠorᅠwhat we are? What if they gain more than what they are? This drama challenges us to reach further, want more. The language and situations are adult and a bitᅠvulgar at times but the story is solid. You feel like you are drawn into it. I guess that what makes a story when you become part of it. Definitely an unusual take on love but a unique one at that. See it and make up your own mind... Either way, it's incredible... incredibly brilliant or incredibly stupid...

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