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Hercules (PG-13)



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out of 10

The Review

Hercules, we know the story of the demi-God... Or do we. What makes a hero, is it fight or might? Here we have a child of Zeus (a God)ᅠand Alcmene (a mortal), a child that doesn't fit in either realm. Hercules is shunned by his divine family, the only way Hera (Zeus's wife)ᅠwill ever except him is if he completes 12 impossible tasks. Hera ultimately wants his demise, the bastard son that she never wanted. To her surprise, Hercules grows and learns... Completing the tasks, 1 by 1. With each task completed, the tales about him grow and become more and more exaggerated. Some call him a Hero, some a Mercenary. His role in this story is as he's completing the tasks given to him by Hera, his supplements his existence with "Strength for Hire" work. Each job earning him more gold so that he can eventually follow his own personal goals. While heᅠdoes everything he can to do what is right, he ends up in a situation he didn't account for. All the battles and wars that he has fought have helped him define who he is, though others around him see him differently than he sees himself. His exploits have cost him everything, including part of his reputation. Will he ever be Mortal/Immortal? What will this battle signify? Though not told along the lines of theᅠtraditional Greek mythology. This version of Hercules gives us a different glimpse into the man. If you like the traditional mythology, this may not be the best fit... but if you're looking for insight into who the man might have been... this is for you.

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