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House on Haunted Hill (R) (5.75)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Evelyn's birthday is about to be drastically different than the one she had planned. Being married to the owner of Price Amusements only adds to the spectacle. She gave Steven an exclusive guest list for her ideal party. Only, once the party actually began, she quickly realized it was going to be an interesting (though not ideal) evening. Who was it that changed the guest list? That is where the adventure begins. To the victors of the evening, a spectacular reward awaits... but there's a catch... They must survive the night. That's where the adventure begins. You see, the party is held at a historic location. The location is paramount in the story itself. To reveal any more would be a spoiler and you won't get those here. Will any of them survive the night and receive the spectacular prize(s)? Or will the history within the walls enact its revenge?

This remake of the 1959 classic, not only does the original justice... it succeeds at the rare feat of outshining the original. Though not for the faint of heart, this will certainly have its audience. The gore level will certainly be too much for some and perfect for others. Is it for you? I guess you'll have to find out for yourself.

There's a special bonus scene after the credits that you'll want to stick around for.

Steven's Guestlist:
Mary Seward
Valdemar Tymrak
Molly Vaughn
W L Malone
Gilbert Adler

Actual Guestlist:
Ms. Jennifer Jenzen (didn't show)
Mr. Eddie baker
Mr. Donald w Blackburn m.d.
Ms. Melissa Margaret Marr
Ms. Sara Wolfe (used Jennifer's invite)

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