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I Belonged to You



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Romance has never been as simple as it sounds. That's what these couples are about to realize first hand. All of them have something in common though. The radio... One of the couples works together at a local radio station. Just when ratings seem to be dropping to the point of dropping the program, they decide to try something drastic. Little do they know how that will all play into what is happening with the other couples as well. These couples portray many different characteristics of what makes each of us special. With that, they all have their baggage too. What that leaves us with is an unconventional love story that almost seems mismatched at times. The characters are relatable, the story is simple and the rest is up to you. The English (subtitled) version has a few moments where the subtitles seem mismatched to what is happening on screen, other than that... This is a sweet love story that helps others to experience something that we're familiar with in another culture. Should you take a chance on this? That's the real question...

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