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If I Stay (PG-13)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Sometimes we make choices, other times those choices make us. In this story, we meet Mia, she's a piece that doesn't quite fun in the puzzle of life. Her family is full of musicians and hippies yet she is a classical cellist. When others are focused on parties and fads, all she wants is to play the cello... That is until she meets Adam. Her passion is still the cello but she's learning to have multiple passions. As with any real love story, love is hard. Just when things seem to be falling into place, everything falls apart. Mia is thrust into the hardest decision of her life. To stay or to go. As she struggles with the decision, we see pieces of her life that led up to this moment. All of these pieces help her make the decision. It's not about others, it's not about anything but life or death. Sometimes that's the hardest decision. What will she decide? When you lose everything, what is there to fight for? She has to ask and answer that question... Such a beautiful story brought to life. The entire premise of If I Stay is understood throughout and fits multiple scenarios... Not just the last. Parts are slightly confusing and not portrayed with enough detail. Others are amazing. Time becomes a jumble, as someone watching, it's easy to lose track of what? when? where? Truly a tragic love story that shows us that there isn't always a happy ending. Bring your tissues and experience it... You'll be glad you did.

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