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Infidel (R) (7.5)



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out of 10

The Review

Doug Rawlins, a simple man that works a simple job and lives a simple life. His faith guides him in what he does but his life is otherwise unremarkable. That is until he comes to realize that someone he thought was a close friend turns out to be something more. He is invited to the middle east for an interview and knowing the state of things and current events, he chooses to go. When one of his answers doesn't follow the narrative, Doug is quickly seen as something more than he is.

What started as a simple trip will now become a fight for his life. Current political difficulties make the struggle even harder. Doug's wife Liz decides to get personally involved and do whatever is necessary to save him. What she encounters once arriving is beyond any understanding. After Doug's trial (if you can call it that), he is sentenced and it seems like that's going to be the end of his story. There is more to it than what there initially appears. It likely won't be what you expect but it'll keep you on the edge of your seat.

This story isn't a true story directly but it is inspired by true stories. These events happen time and time again, and there are many who are still being held and punished for crimes they didn't commit. What this does is bring some of that to light and shine the spotlight on the brutality of what happens. The content is graphic and intense at times but it's the reality of what can really happen. This is one that truly demands your attention...

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