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Infinitely Polar Bear (R)



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out of 10

The Review

Mental illness is something that affects approximately 1:10 in the United States. It is not just one condition that affects people. There are many different severities, each affecting each person differently. Our society today has a much broader definition of it than what we had 30 years ago. Thirty years ago, having a mental illness was almost taboo. This story details a family going through this. It's not their only difficulty, though, they face numerous negativities in their day to day life. They are a mixed race marriage, one of them suffers from a mental illness (bipolar), and the wife is the breadwinner of the family. Today the only part of this that might cause an issue is the mental illness, the rest isn't anything to contest (except to some). Here we are given an inside look into what this family goes through while dealing with these challenges. We are even given the chance to see it from the perspective of the children growing up in the center of all of this. What long term impact will this have on them? What will they learn? What will help them? All of these questions are answered in pieces. Nothing is just blanketly given to us, we must use our own experiences and opinions to go off of, but here... This will draw you into it as you experience the joy, fear, sadness, anger, and despair along with the characters. Should you choose to see this, be prepared to leave with a heavy heart as there is just something about this that will stay with you.

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