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Interview with Sid De La Cruz


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[January 2016]

Sid De La Cruz is a noted Composer / Arranger / Orchestrator & Record Producer. His work has covered multiple genre’s and his talent is matched only by his creativity.

Your work has covered many genres since 2011 with your most recent project being “Prayer Never Fails”. Do you have a favorite genre?

I like all types. I don’t think I have a favorite because I like to change things up. If I am working on an action movie, the next movie I work on, I would like for it to be a drama, thriller, comedy, etc. Something that is different from the previous movie. I think the change helps me be more creative because I have to shift my creative process.


What do you use for the inspiration when you’re composing the score? Is it based on individual projects or do you have a library of music that you apply to / modify for those projects?

That’s a good question. Some composers get inspired by different things like images, paintings, books, different types of art forms, etc. I actually get inspired by music. Listening to other composers and genres of music, really sparks ideas in me. Not just classical music but all types of music like jazz, Latin jazz, country, pop, dance, hip-hop, foreign music (world music). Sometimes when I have to meet tight deadlines, there isn’t any room for inspiration, so I dig into my bag of tools…My music theory. I am glad I really paid attention in my music theory classes. That has helped me identify what things can work for different situations, scenes, emotions, etc. Music theory has saved me so many times when inspiration is not an option.


Do you work with a live orchestra or digital music (or any combination thereof)? Do you have a preference between live music or pre-recorded? Why?

I normally work with samples and live instruments. It would be nice to work with a live orchestra. There are so many things a composer can do with a live orchestra that a sample library just can't do. With samples, the composer is limited to what that specific instrument library has. I would prefer to work with a live orchestra. Conducting in front of an orchestra and having a massive sound come right at you is an amazing feeling.


What hardware / software do you use when recording, editing?


  • Pc computer
  • Akai MPK 88 keyboard
  • Mackie studio monitors
  • MBox Interface


  • FL Studio
  • Pro Tools
  • Sound Forge
  • Kontakt Libaries
  • Arturia
  • Nexus 2
  • Sylength


What inspired you to become a composer?

I really love music and cinema. As I was growing up, I began to think of my future and what I wanted to do. I narrowed down my options to becoming a doctor, a professional football player, and a film maker. It wasn’t until my late years of high school and early college, when I was really exposed to music making. I really fell in love with music and that was it.


How do you select which projects to be involved with? Have you passed on any projects that you wish you hadn’t? Have you ever taken on any projects that brought more challenges than you expected?

Oh yea, I have worked on projects that have brought challenges for sure and they were all for different reasons. Some reasons were because I would have no creative ideas and that would slow me down, especially on projects where time is of the essence. Other times, it was trying to get into the director's mind and try to compose the music that they have envisioned.


Are there any directors / producers that you are personally looking forward to working with in the future?

I would love to work with all the great directors and producers. If I ever get that chance, the directors and producers might have all retired by then hahaha


What are your short term goals? Long term goals?

My long term goal is to work on a movie that would be screened at movie theaters world wide. My short term goal is to win an award at a film festival. I have never won a music award.


Has your work (to date) ever received a Grammy nomination? Win?

My work has not won any music awards; however, “4Got10” aka “The Good, The Bad, and The Dead” has been nominated for a best film and twice for best actor at the Burbank International Film Festival.


Being a composer requires a lot of originality. Do you ever find yourself in a sort of creative block? How do you overcome it?

Oh yea, I come across creative blocks all the time. I over come it in various ways. Sometimes I listen to other types of music that that are similar to what the director wants or I take a break and I do something not related to music, like go for a drive, go to the gym, watch tv, anything to clear my mind. I also rely on my trusty music theory.


The soundtrack for “Prayer Never Fails” includes a title that is simply “???”; Is this labeled as such because you hadn’t come up with a title yet or that you just wanted to go more abstract with it?

The title for the sounds track is, “Prayer Never Fails”. I think the title, “???” might have been due to the fact that the title was not yet announced.


What is something that many don’t know about you that you’d like to share?

I actually would really like to work on a dance movie, similar to the “Step Up” movies. I would love to combine popular music, such as dance and hip-hop in a cinematic way. I am not talking about just inserting a dance or hip-hpo song in the movie just like these types of movies do. I am talking about actually composing the music to picture, just as if I were to compose music for any other movie.. Working with odd meters as opposed to the typically 4/4 meter that is 99% found in these types of music. I think it would be fun and challenging to make dance and hip-hip music work and be enjoyable in odd meters like  5/8, 7/8, 3/4, etc.


Movie Deputy would like to offer their sincere thanks to Sid De La Cruz for taking the time out of his schedule to complete this interview with us. Keep an eye out, this is just the beginning. 

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