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Intruders (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Agoraphobia is a very real disorder that leaves many confined to their homes. This disorder is typically brought on by some sort of trauma. This story is no different... A young lady spends all of her time inside the walls of her home. Never leaving for anything, having everything delivered. She shares the home with her brother, when her brother dies and she's left all alone she tries to summon up everything she has to leave but just can't. The next thing she hears is someone trying to break in, what they don't realize though is she knows something about this house that they don't. This then becomes an epic game of cat and mouse. The ultimate question becomes who is in which role? This story will definitely surprise you. Some parts are predictable and others will leave you wondering. The classic idea of home invasion gone wrong without the comedic twists is a story that's been done before but never quite like this. Watch it with the lights on and remember, people, aren't always what they seem.

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