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Joe Bell (R) (6.0)



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out of 10

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Family is never easy. Sometimes there are situations that make it harder than others. There are subjects within these situations that are the result of choices and others that aren't a choice but part of who someone is. That's where this family struggles. One of their sons is a homosexual and deals with the struggles of that both in and out of the home. One of his biggest struggles is from the bullying at school. Try as he might, he just can't fit in. He's true to himself and not even those closest to him could see what was happening until it was too late. Joe was determined to make Jadin's life matter. He struggled with the decisions and decided his only chance at redemption was a journey that he would take with Jadin. His journey was to walk from La Grande, OR, to New York City... the place that Jadin dreamt of escaping to where he could be himself. This movie is about Joe's journey and Jadin's inspiration to him. Along the way he would stop and visit with the youth in the communities along the way, talking about Jadin and sharing his story with others. Day to day, he would learn as much about himself as he would learn more about Jadin after his death than he did when he was alive. When he reached the end of his journey, it wouldn't be the end, but just the beginning of a topic for many families. This story is a sensitive topic for many. Some believe that it's a choice and others believe it's not. Whichever side of this you are on, bullying is never okay.

If you are a victim of bullying, reach out to someone here.

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