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John Henry (G)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

John Henry the man and the myth. This Disney short focuses on both. John Henry was a black man that found his freedom after slavery was abolished. He and many others found work with the railroad, laying ties, track and clearing everything in its path. When something came along and put his and other's future at risk, he took a stand and did something that inspired the myth. Many of us may have learned the song about John Henry and many of those know the story told in this cartoon. Yet few know the real story. This is a tale of history and how one man shaped a world by giving his all, to the end. A truly inspirational tale that is based on a true story. A song that will get stuck in your head and a tale that will live on, far beyond any of us. Enjoy this for what it is and if you're curious... look up what really happened.

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