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John Wick (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

John Wick, someone who has left his former life behind to start anew. At least that wasᅠthe plan... When he loses the thing that he loves the most, his world begins to fall apart. An unexpected gift gives him a glimmer of hope in the unknown that is to come. While running a simple errand, he comes face to face with his past. What he thinks he's escaped is right at his doorstep. When he has nothing left to lose, his wick grows shorter and shorter until... BOOM! His next moves aren't to relive the past but to enact vengeance on those that have caused him so much pain.ᅠEven at the end of the confrontations, he calls for dinner reservations for the involved parties. The reservations aren't what they seem.ᅠIt comes down to it seeming to be about a car and a dog, when it's about much more than that. High intensity action and violence seem to be wherever he is. In a high action gun battle (reminiscent of the Matrix), he finds those responsible and makes them pay. When they disagree on the cost of the crime, things intensify and it comes down to the actions of one. Is his past something he can ever truly escape from? Doesᅠ he really ever want to? What is next for John Wick? This will make you ask those questions and more, while fulfilling many of the answers. There are many double entendres throughout, watch/listen carefully asᅠthe story is told. Remember, next time you're afraid of theᅠ"Boogeyman"... CallᅠJohn Wick. ᅠThe idea of this story was expertly brought to life by the production. Though there wasn't much to it. It was well cast and well done. If you enjoy high action movies with a good plot, you'll enjoy this.

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