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Jungle (R) (6.5)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Based on the true story of Yossi Ghinsberg, who, according to himself, is a man who shouldn’t be alive. He has decided to take a year to travel, see the world and have an adventure. Well, he definitely gets one of those when he ends up in Bolivia where he befriends a couple of other adventurers. An opportunity comes there way to explore the most remote part of the jungle, the best pictures, lost Indian tribe, the places where the tourists don’t go. Shady or not, they choose to follow their mysterious guide into the jungle for a once in a lifetime adventure. Soon we have some issues with an injury and arguments ensue on what they should do. The real survival part starts here. Two travel on foot, two choose the raft. Yossi and his friend brave the river and soon realize it’s not very forgiving of their choice. Separated and alone they both try to find each other in the dense Amazon jungles of Bolivia. All throughout the movie the question keeps lingering as you watch. What would you do in that situation? Could you survive what Yossi had to? Does he even survive? To some the pace my be slow at times, but it draws you in too much to worry about it most times. For the survival movie/true story move lover, this will be something you should check out. For everyone else, you probably wouldn’t survive that kind of adventure anyway….could you?

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