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Just Getting Started (PG-13) (3.25)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Some say that (x) age is where life is just getting started, depending on who you ask, the (x) factor will be different for each individual. This story is one that details the lives of a few individuals who are just getting started in the proverbial prime time of life. All of this is happening at a retirement community, you might be wondering... WHAT???... but that's what makes it fun. Duke has been the resident entertainment, resident gigolo, and overall manager of affairs, or he was until now. A new resident is about to move in that will quickly (and a bit too easily) infringe on Duke's territory. This is where the turf war begins. One vs. the other in a battle that it doesn't seem that either of them will win. Just when things begin to reach a breaking point, another individual enters the picture and puts the brakes on the whole affair. The more this 3rd party uncovers, the deeper the story becomes. When the truth is revealed, it will change all of their lives in ways that none of them could have imagined. The result ends up being a bit of comedy, a bit of drama, and a smidge of action along the way. It may be targeted at a bit of a more mature audience but has enough appeal that it could be a fun date flick. Ultimately, it's a story that could be widely interpreted. Is it for you? Only you know for sure.

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