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Love & Mercy (PG-13)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Music, something that manages to touch every generation in one form or another. Music aficionados know that one of the bands that set forth a revolution was "The Beach Boys". These crooners set forth an entirely new genre of music, Elvis and the Beatles gave us rock and roll but The Beach Boys gave us feel good tunes. That remains true even today. What Love and Mercy does is show us what happened behind the scenes. Specifically with Brian Wilson, the harrowing decent into madness, the reasons behind it and the genius that came from it. This is purely and art film. It's wonderful to see how his life transformed into something more but it's an incredibly slow journey. Should this have been a film? That's up for debate but if you're a how and why kind of person then you might enjoy this. If you're looking for an emotional edgy drama, you won't find it here. The realism of what was presented was on point (both cast and story) and that is the only thing that makes this relatable. So, if you're up for an informational artsy behind the scenes look at The Beach Boys, you'll enjoy it but if not, wait for the DVD / Blu-Ray.

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