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Lucy (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

A delivery gone wrong. A ruthless Asian businessman. A new drug about to hit the streets. What do these items have in common? This combination is the basis for unlimited brain potential. Lucy gets wrangled into making a delivery that is much more than it seems to be. The recipient wants more than the delivery, he needs her too. Her body ends up being implanted with the drug for the purpose of smuggling it into the new areas. She's not the only one that is a carrier but she is the only one it affects. The drug (CHP4) opens her brain beyond human understanding. As humans we use barely 10%, what would life look like if we could use more? As her brain develops, her life changes. The way she sees the world changes. Her position in the world will never be the same. As she searches to find herself, she comes across a scientist/expert in the human brain. He tries to help her, but he soon realizes he can only observe and learn. Lucy's abilities surpass mans greatest expectations. In the end we see a transformation that will change us all... This movie is a great idea in theory. It gets caught up in a combination of Jack Hanna's wild kingdom, Darwinian evolution, and the Matrix. The story itself is a weak expression of an amazing idea. A disappointment of epicᅠproportions from what I was expecting.

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