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Mom and Dad (R) (5.75)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Parents protect their children, for the most part, it’s an instinct, a desire to see them grow up and be successful and have a great family, and so on. Well, that ain’t even close to this off-the-wall, insane, and ridiculous thriller. Something has happened to the parental nurturing instinct. What we don’t know but sort of learning as the insanity starts. It’s affecting parents all over the world and has become an epidemic of mass proportions. It only seems to affect their own children though and nobody else. Terrorist attack, biological attack, psychological attack we don’t know. What we do know is the crazy, ridiculous, insanity that is taking place. It’s completely over-the-top nutty and completely psycho, that we do know. This is both fun to watch and stupid crazy at the same time. It’s like a car wreck, you have to watch but at the same time shaking your head trying to figure out why you can’t look away... The way the movie is shot is pretty cool but the sounds and soundtrack is what really stands out. The character development is pretty good as well and you might find yourself actually caring for both the parents and the kids. Weird I know, but that goes right along with the movie. When the movie goes nuts, which doesn’t take long, the acting is on point and believable and completely goes with the insanity. Regardless, this movie is entertaining, to say the least. This is a movie you can actually have fun with but is really only for a certain type of people. Horror, crazy, thriller, insane, and over the top. Is that you?

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