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Mother! (R) (1.0)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

A struggling writer and his young bride try to find some much-needed solitude. Their home, though a fixer upper, is a solace for them. As for him, it gives him the quiet contemplation that he needs. As for her, it gives her the projects that she needs to stay busy. Everything seems to be going along well for them until an uninvited guest shows up. This guest is about to open pandora's box on their doorstep (literally and figuratively). Before they realize what is happening, they find themselves overrun with visitors. What is it that these visitors want? Does that even matter? When they finally get things under control and begin to live again, they are blessed with a new addition to their family. They find themselves the recipients of a multitude of good fortune all at once. Don't be so quick to think it's a happy ending though, as happiness can be lost as quickly as it's gained. When the reasoning for all of the happenings is revealed, you'll barely believe your eyes. Viewers will be hard pressed to stomach some of the scenes throughout this story. There are powerful implications throughout but the matters addressed will push the sensibilities of the audience. At the same time, there is a market for stories like these, albeit a small one. The purpose behind it may not ever be understood, but this is one that will haunt you beyond what you'd ever expected.

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