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Nightcrawler (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

The ultimate story of a petty thief turned ruthless entrepreneur. Louis Bloom is a behind the scenes genius. His knowledge of the people and the world around him is astounding. His basic need for control is borderline psychotic. Through all of this, he chases ideas in the form of real life happenings and captures the worst moments on camera. All to get ahead, Lou has no problem using others or walking over them to get what he wants... Even when that includes a bit of blackmail. The footage he captures borders on the line of legality. His ideas also tread that fine line... He's willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to be on top. The ultimate question becomes... Will he succeed? Or will someone break him before he does? Just how far is he willing to go? This tale is a work of absolute brilliance with a psychotic element. You'll find yourself questioning whether Lou is mentally ill or someone with a (dis)ability. Either way, Jake Gyllenhaal is unrecognizable as this character and maybe that's a good thing. You don't see Jake, all you see is Lou. He never breaks character and the story is solid. There are some production flaws but they do not overly distract. This may not be for everyone but for those that enjoy psychotic thrillers... You'll enjoy it!

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