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No Good Deed (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Doing a good deed isn't always as simple as it seems. She's home all alone with her daughter when he comes to the door. He has crashed just a little down the road and he needs to call a tow truck. What she doesn't know is he has just escaped from a prison transport. She lets him use the phone and eventually invites him in to get out of the rain. Her husband is away, it's her father-in-law's birthday and there's supposed to be a golf outing for the two of them. The stranger makes himself more and more at home. As she gets more uncomfortable, the plot thickens. She starts to realize something is wrong but she can't do anything about it. The first attempt to act, she realizes that he has no intention of letting them leave. When a guest arrives, things complicate even further. When he demands to be taken somewhere, truths come to light adding an additional complication to this already complicated scenario. Will they (her and her daughter) be able to escape? What will happen when they realize the truth? What happens next? This thriller seems very predictable until the ending. It feels a bit like it's over told and a bit overacted. It will keep you guessing and does have a few surprises. Some scenes are quite gory in this drama/thriller.

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