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Nocturnal Animals (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

The ultimate intimate insight into two completely different individuals that have a connection beyond that which even they can recognize. Susan lives in the lap of luxury, she has everything she has always wanted... Yet she's unhappy. Edward, someone from Susan's past... has something that she yearns for but it is just beyond her reach. When Edward surprises her with a package. She cannot resist the urge to examine it. The deeper she gets into it, the more she begins to put the pieces together. One by one, the building blocks that she has built her life upon are examined. Though it's getting more and more real by the moment, she can't turn away from it. The question then becomes, how much of what he sent her is about her or how much of it is just the result of a creative mind. This is a deeply disturbing psychological thriller that will take you to and through hell itself. Don't get too comfortable, the ending might just throw you for a loop. A little bit of Stephen King (without Stephen King) and a little bit of something else that you won't expect. This is one that can only be experienced to be understood.

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