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November Criminals (PG-13) (6.25)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

The sudden death of a close friend and the death of a family member just months before, Addison becomes obsessed with finding out who and why. But how far would you go to find the truth? Some would say he’s going too far, but to him, he will find out if it kills him. Being relentless is an understatement which draws these questions and actions he pursues. Something awful has happened; nobody knows anything; nobody is saying anything other than it was random. That’s not good enough. His girlfriend is desperately trying to get him to stop and trying to pull him back from going where he may not come back from, literally. The performances are good, they really draw you in emotionally and you sympathize and care about the characters and what they’re going through. The conflict created with his family and teachers is, in reality, what happens when bad things happen to seemingly good people, and these good people have had enough. If you can get past some of the shots and sub-par visuals every now and then, than the journey is actually worth taking. Is the cost worth it? Is the truth worth the risk? Does this sound like a story you would enjoy? Some of these questions will be asked and answered the other one, well, is up to you.

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