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out of 10

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A relaxing family vacation is about to prove to be anything but... Their every need was met and it was almost as if the resort was tailored just for them. That just couldn't be... could it? When trying to plan out their activities, the concierge suggested a private beach that he only refers a few select clients towards. They decided to take him up on his suggestion. When they embark, they meet a few other families that they'll be sharing the beach with. Upon their arrival, it seemed to be a dream come true. Little did they know the sinister nature of nature. Strange things begin happening, and there seems to be a sinister nature to this natural paradise. They even run into someone who had been there already. The changes that they see all around them begin to be life-changing. These changes leave them almost unrecognizable to those all around them. As they begin to change, they begin to search for a way to escape. Therein lies another challenge. The adventure to this paradise appears to have been a one-way ticket. Minute by minute, changes are happening all around them. It seems like it's the end. There's something special that someone gave them that might be the key to their survival, it's simply a matter of finding it and solving the puzzle. Will anyone survive this abnormal adventure? When the reason behind this adventure is revealed, the twist will cause you to second guess everything you just watched. It's definitely not for everyone but for fans of the paranormal thrillers, this will become a favorite for some and a farse for others.

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