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Olympus Has Fallen (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

A former secret service officer with a tarnished record finds himself in a difficult situation. Due to a decision that had to be made, he lost everything. Or so he thought... When the White House is attacked by a seemingly unknown terrorist organization, he finds himself in a situation where he's the only one to help. Through determination and having inside knowledge he finds himself ahead of the game. This game has a high cost, though, all to break the codes to a super secret program that only the highest class of classification were aware of. Will this secret service agent be able to pull off the impossible or will he find himself in a scenario where there is no exit strategy? That will remain to be seen in this action-packed drama that tests the highest levels of security. Loyalty is the only constant in this drama, there is much to gain your attention and much to distract you as well. The story seems solid enough but the gaps and errors are enough to distract you to boredom. Will you find enough to keep your interest? That's up to you. This is a great idea in theory if only the execution had lived up to the hype.

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