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Open Season: Scared Silly (PG)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

What does a bear and all of his friends do for fun? They have campfires! And what happens when you have a campfire? You tell ghost stories! Elliot is up and tells them about the legend of the ムWailing Wampus Werewolfメ who lives in their forest. ᅠEveryone knows itメs just a made up story to scare you, except Boog. Boog is still not 100% used to living in the woods and so the legend terrifies him enough to cancel their annual summer camping trip. Disappointed, Elliot decides it's up to him and the others to help Boog overcome his fears by scaring the fear out of him. However, in their pursuit to scare the fear out of Boog, they end up scaring Shaw and the people of Timberline. ᅠOut of options the sheriff ends up reopening open season in order to catch this beast. With Shaw and the other hunters on the loose, the wailing wampus werewolf is the least of their worries. After all, it's just a legend, right?

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