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Ouija (PG-13)



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out of 10

The Review

Ouija, it's not just a game. It seems like a simple board and toy that you can buy at retail and toy stores... It's in reality... so much more. A Ouija board or spirit board as it's commonly known is a gateway to the realms of the spirit world. It can open up gateways to things that seem beyond imagining. Once those gateways are opened, it's not as simple as saying goodbye and hoping it ends there. That's what these kids learn in this years version of the story. After a friend tragically dies, her friends search for answers. Where they search is across the spirit plains. They believe that the Ouija board is a way to speak to her and say goodbye, what they don't know is the board is what started the problems in the first place. The gateway has been opened and what has been released has no intention of going away. One by one, they pay the price for summoning the spirits. As they soon discover, the answer is right in front of them. They follow the clues and locate the one person who can give them some of the answers necessary to take action. Once they have all they need, they act upon it. Things get even more complicated as the problem worsens and intensifies. Will they be able to save one another by getting control of the situation or is the situation bigger than they can handle? This thriller has it's scary moments but is not as horrific as it could be. It feels a little bit like "Final Destination" as the story is told. Though perfect for the timeframe in which it's released (prior to Halloween), it's a story that's been overdone.

Disclaimer: Ouija boards are very real and many have experiences with them. They are NOT a toy! Do not try this at home (or anywhere else).

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