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Penguins of Madagascar (PG)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

The penguins are back... In a tale of mystery and intrigue we are given a glimpse into their lives from their humble beginning to their newest adventure. It all starts as a simple birthday quest for "Cheezy Dibbles" but quickly turns into much more. In this newest mission, they travel around the world searching for something that has been stolen by a past adversary. Dave (the adversary), is determined to see his evil plot through to the end. Our friends are just as determined to stop him as they have a vested interest in the scheme. Along the way, the penguins come across some new allies, the North Wind. Working together isn't as easy as it seems as both groups vie to lead the expedition. As they battle Dave and each other, things get complicated. Along the way they realize that there is more to each of them then originally thought. Learning to work as a team may sound easy for this group of birds but learning to rely on one another is harder than it seems. What will happen with Dave's sinister plot? Will the penguins and the NW stop him in time? Will our heroes ever be the same? All of these questions and more can be answered by watching this movie. This is a movie that is definitely geared towards a younger audience but the jokes/puns throughout will only make sense to the older crowd (ie adults). It is not quite to the level of the Nickelodeon cartoon but it is more in a category by itself. The story idea is cute, the penguins are as we remember... but the level of goofiness and silliness is almost to the brink of boredom. Kids will love it, adults will suffer through it. Personally, I'd watch it again, but not till it comes out on TV.

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