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Persecuted (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Religious Unity, that's the goal of a piece of legislature. It doesn't stand a chance without endorsement from the Christian community. This legislature sounds great until you take a closer look. It would eliminate God and all the basics we are taught to combine Christianity, Judaism, and Muslims. Because it needs endorsement from the Christian community the proponent of the legislature approaches a well known Evangelist. When this evangelist refuses to participate, his entire world gets turned upside down. He is forced to make certain choices that will forever change his way of life. In the end, he gets the answers he's been searching for but he will never be the same. What happens to the "Religious Unity" bill? Will the life of the evangelist ever return to normal? A difficult story, an idea that brings ideas... questions... doubt... The story itself has merit but it is told so slowly. Make sure you're fully awake before going and bring a cup of coffee to stay that way. Watch through and you'll see someone make an important decision at the end...

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