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Peter Rabbit (PG) (4.25)



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out of 10

The Review

Peter Rabbit, a beloved children's story by Beatrix Potter that has captivated generations of young readers is reimagined on the big screen. It might not be the story you know and love but it's a cute interpretation. Peter and his siblings invade farmer McGregor's garden, as hard as Mr. McGregor tries, they continually get in. When Mr. McGregor dies, the bunnies (as well as the rest of the animals) finally see it as a free for all, they proceed to take over the garden and the house. There is another farm just across the way, where the bunnies and other animals are welcomed with open arms. A kind-hearted painter takes them in and cares for them with love. Soon, McGregor's nephew comes to scope out the situation in hopes of using the farm to pursue his own dreams (not what you might think). What ensues upon his arrival will create controversy for sure. The story drifts from the classic tale to a mild romance, with a little bit of Home Alone and a lot of mischief. There are situations that could definitely dissuade those with younger children due to some of the situations. If you're expecting to see the story you grew up with, you may be disappointed. If you're looking for just an adventure, you may enjoy it. Just come prepared.

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