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Pompéii (PG-13)



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out of 10

The Review

Pompeii, a city remembered for the eruption, but that's not the story you'll see here. Vesuvius a volcano, that erupted and destroyed a city and its people. That's what the focus should have been on, instead of it being an afterthought. A story of a horseman that witnesses the gruesome murders of his family and others and is determined to seek revenge. Seventeen years later, this innocent boy is now a gladiator being paraded in front of the elite before battle. In this act, he meets the daughter of one of the elite. Through some problems they experience from different levels, they become smitten with one another. One of the elites is also smitten with her and it becomes a personal battle as well as one in the arena. We watch as this plays out, elites exhibiting their power and gladiators fighting to the death. The victor in this battle is the one who gets the girl. Is the victor the one who survives? Will anyone survive the raging waters or the volcano before it's too late? This movie definitely does not deliver on what the title promises. Between a weak story, bad casting/acting and many flaws as to the time period, this movie is best left on the store shelf.

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