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Radio Free Albemuth (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Corruption in government, visions from space, a writer and a radio professional. These together bring us a strange film that feels somewhat like a propaganda piece. Throughout the story, the pieces fit together like a 3D puzzle. The radio exec, struggles to find his place in life, losing himself in alcohol he almost loses everything. When one night visions start appearing in the middle of the night from VALIS. To guide him and his family on a different path. His best friend a Sci-Fi writer, struggles with piece to piece until he finally makes it with 1 piece. This writer wants to write about his friend but is afraid of betraying the confidences. Together these 2 are hounded by government agencies, doing their best to convince not only them but society that the a certain way of thinking is best. The leadership in the White House is made out to be a corrupt, dirty, commie. As it's told, the lives are further intertwined, as they try to spread the message about progressivism. The climax of the story, we're told there is no way without being like everyone else and there is an ultimate question of what do we believe in if anything without coming out and saying either. It's all given to us via the script, propaganda in their homes, and the world they're in. Honestly, even though I was able to pay attn. during the story, (which was difficult since there are no real highlights, just story...) It's slow and almost painful. They were reaching out with an idea of hope, but whether or not they know what hope is... is debatable...

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