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out of 10

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Vengeance, when something happens to us or someone we love, it's our first and sometimes our only thought. What does it do though? Does it really make you feel better? Does it make the pain go away? Does it correct whatever it was? Paul Maguire is a reformed criminal. His life of violence and debauchery is in the past. Or so he thinks... When his daughter is kidnapped, all he wants is to find her and get revenge. His daughter is his life. He has kept on the straight and narrow for almost 20 years. Followed the rules, worked hard and what does he have in the end. A successful business, a beautiful family... but no matter how hard he tries, the past never quite stays there. When his daughter is found, it only makes things worse. All Paul can see is the color red, from both rage and blood. He finds some of the answers he's looking for, but so do others that are caught up in this. When some of the answers come out, his/their lives will never be the same. In the end, blood is shed, questions are answered and lives are forever changed. This bloody and violent story is a window for us to look deeper, the past is never really gone. Things always catch up with us no matter how we try to outrun them (some call it Karma). Definitely an emotional thriller. The story is strong and well told. Most of the cast fits well into their characters, there are a few exceptions. This is one of those movies you'll love or you'll hate. Either way, It's a decent film.

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