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Saw II (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Those who do not appreciate life do not deserve it. Seems simple doesn't it? When it comes to Jigsaw, it's never as simple as that. He chooses individuals to prove that they deserve life. How do they prove it? We got a glimpse in the original movie "Saw". Here, however, he takes things a step further. He doesn't have a single target, but he does choose these targets due to something that they all have in common. As it reveals itself, it also reveals the brutality that it will take in order to survive. Or is survival even an option? You'll question that and much more if you can stomach what you see. The similarities that they share all involve one thing. When they realize what or who it is, will it be too late? Only one person knows for sure. Don't be quick to come to conclusions as the answer isn't as obvious as it seems. Just when you think the story has come full circle, there is another surprise in store. Most of the content is not for those with a weak constitution but horror fans will find something unique here. Should you choose to embark on this game, be prepared to give up a piece of yourself along the way, and remember... Life is what you make of it so make it memorable.

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