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Sex Tape (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Life, it happens to all of us. We start out innocent enough, then our hormones kick in and we get caught in a hormone frenzy. Young love seems insatiable, a hunger that you can't seem to satisfy.ᅠAs time goes on that hungerᅠdwindles down to only needing a snack here and there. When possible... In between everything else... Hence... LIFE!!! How do you get thatᅠspark back? You try something new! As a way to bringᅠback the spark, Annie proposes the idea of making a sex tape. Jay immediatelyᅠgoes for the idea and using a certain book for ideas, they experiment with many different options. After 3 hours of bliss, Annie asks Jay to delete the video. Jay decides he wants to keep it so he doesn't delete it. As a result of this decision, the video is uploaded to the cloud. Jay's work has allowed him to give many gifts to friends, family, even the mailman. These gifts also have access to Jay's cloud... As you can imagine the mayhem that ensues is epic. Annie and Jay frantically go to see others they gave the gifts to before the video is seen. In some cases, it's too late. One of the viewers even attempts to blackmail Jay to prevent an even more embarrassing mistake. Will Annie and Jay recover all the copies? What will happen on this search? Are they prepared? ~ The comedy throughout the movie is spot on, definitely not for a younger crowd. There is an excessive amount of profanity throughout the film. Considering the title of the movie, it should come no surprise that there is a large amount of nudity, partial and full. The story itself has merit. It flows well and keeps you entertained.

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