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out of 10

The Review

The innocence of children is something we strive for as we get older. In a war torn area, all the children can see is ways to have fun, not realizing the darkness that is around every corner. One man is reminded of that as he comes along a memory in the form of an object on the road. As he goes through the memory, he is reminded of decisions that were made, sacrifices that were made and the heartache that came from it happening. He took more away from those memories than just the heartache though. This seems simple but the message itself is much deeper than it appears. Freedom is never free and the cost of it is sometimes too high of a price to pay. Yet sometimes there aren't any other options. Come see this, experience part of life that you've only heard about and you might leave with a heavy heart. Even so, you'll find strength in the pain and learn a lesson about picking your battles in life.

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