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Shut In (PG-13)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

When you dedicate your life to helping others and are unable to help your own son... What do you do? That's what this young family was trying to figure out. Their son needed more help than she could give and together they came up with a solution. Only, what they thought was a solution would create a plethora of problems. After everything, this young mother finds herself alone. A tragedy has taken all that she knew and loved away from her. The only way she is able to deal with the day to day is to throw herself into her work. Even though she does her best to help others, she realizes how helpless she is when she can no longer care for one that needs her the most. Shortly after she makes a life altering decision, she has the opportunity to meet a young boy. This young man reminds her of everything she has lost and as she begins to grow closer to him, something darker begins to present itself. Can she begin again or will the fear of what has happened / what could happen to stop her in her tracks. A thought provoking thriller that is more disturbing than it lets on. It's a somewhat original story with obvious inspirations from certain horror classics. Though the story leads into what you think you might expect, be prepared to expect something entirely different. Disturbingly perilous in its presentation, this plays on primal fears to express itself in a way that leaves you simply wanting more. Is that a good or a bad thing? You decide.

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