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Sinister (R)



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out of 10

The Review

Writing is an art, art requires inspiration; the inspiration that this author needs puts him and his family in a perilous situation. He writes about horror, not that of fantasy but that of crimes that have happened with excruciating detail. His work has uncovered things that even the police have missed and that has made him popular with his fans but not so much with the authorities. When he and his family move into their new home, it's supposed to be a fresh start. Little does he know that Mr. Boogey has other plans. You see... this house has history. A link to a tragic story that might be his next fifteen minutes of fame. While unpacking, he comes across a box in the attic. A box of home movies, movies that provide clues to tragic occurrences. Is there a connection? If so, what could it be? As the story begins to unfold, secrets begin to uncover themselves. The decision they make next could make or break more than the story. This tale is a play on fear. Fear at the deepest level, fears that are ingrained so deeply that we don't even realize them until it's too late. This dark tale plays on our insecurities. Though the story at its core is creepy and more than a little bit scary, I'm not sure if it was enough for this tale. The ending leaves an opening for a sequel but let's hope if they do; they develop it further than this one.

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