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Snowpiercer (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

July 1st @ 0600 Global warming has gotten past a breaking point. A group of scientists creates a chemical that can reverse it by cooling the atmosphere. On this date, at this time... Life changes forever. CW7 (the chemical) gets released into the atmosphere and does its job... but it works too well. Our planet has been thrown into a worldwide winter. A visionary creates an ark that rides the rails. The only survivors in the WORLD are the lucky few who are able to get aboard. Wilford, the creator of the engine, the creator of the train... Has given all of these people a chance. The question is... Is it a chance. The train is like society, like government; only worse. Separations of class, of society. Clear lines separated by gates, metal gates that only open for an elite few. There are cars for everything aboard, from the basic to the luxury... Everyone is accommodated... Well almost everyone. The classes are First, Economy and Tail. The passengers in the Tail section survive on their blood, sweat, and tears. They form a society separate from the other classes. Their society is led by Gilliam. Gilliam knows what needs to be done and how to do them, but does he really know what is best. Gilliam has been grooming a likely successor. Curtis is reluctant but he is creative. His first act as the Tail leader is the Curtis Revolution. A violent bloody struggle for human rights. This Revolution was 18 years in the making and will forever change the lives of every person onboard. Life aboard changes, the world changes, everything. What does the future hold? Who will survive? Watch and see.

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