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Soul (PG) (5.25)



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out of 10

The Review

Some say that music is the language of the soul. Though that may be true for some, it's not true for everyone.

Take Joe, for instance, his one true love is jazz. His only goal has been to do what he loves for a career instead of as a side gig. When he finally gets his big break, his life takes a different turn. He will find himself struggling with his own existence as he tries to make things right.

Along the way, Joe will come in contact with someone special who just doesn't know they're special yet. As he tries to share his passion with her, it only seems to drive them further apart. Only upon a deeper realization, do they find a common ground to grow upon.

This isn't a typical Disney/Pixar film. It's not particularly appropriate for younger audiences considering the subject matters that are addressed. The controversial nature of the subject will surely limit its audience and it aims at a more mature target than what you might expect. Even with that though, there is a deeper message that is undeniable for those old enough to understand.

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