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Starship Troopers: Invasion (R)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Leaving the live action behind, this time it's animated. We start with a mission gone wrong and the Starship Franklin flying off without them. It’s captain, Carmen and her Rough Neck crew are now aboard another Starship heading after the Franklin. But it has gone dark. Why? Well of course we figure that part out as the story unfolds. We have the familiar characters returning. Carmen as mentioned before has her own Starship, Johnny is now a high ranking general and we find Carl Jenkins providing some telepathic war on bugs. This movie is as intense and violent and as sexual as its 1997 original but actually manages to pull of a rather compelling plot. It’s a bit more personal than you would think, from counting kills with the sniper rifle (and the reason for doing that) to mourning their brothers in arms that died in battle beside them. The CG animation style gets to show you the frightful speed of the bugs and has beautiful visuals in and out of the ship. If you are a fan of the series/franchise than you won’t be disappointed and will hold your attention with the type of story being told and again the visuals are great to watch, just don’t stare at their lips when they talk. If not it has plenty of action bug splatter violence and sexuality for you too. Are you a fan? Find out!

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