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Still Alice (PG-13)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Alzheimer's, a destructive disease that robs those that suffer from it with their memories. This tale is that of a college professor at the top of her life. She is living the dream, she loves her job, she loves her family and she's planning for the future. One day, she begins to forget little things but brushes it off as just being forgetful. As time progresses it gets worse and she goes to the doctor. What she learns will change her and her family's lives forever. Early onset Alzheimer's... Upon learning her fate, she learns some important details and encourages those around her to look into them. It's one of those things that some might want to know what their future might bring while others just want to live their lives. Would her life had been any different if she had known what the future held? She'll never know. Time progresses and so does the disease, this incredible portrayal brings you into her story. You feel the frustration and the pain of this horrible disease and that of those around her. As the past fades, there's only today. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Life is about making memories, cherish those memories and those around you. What's to come is uncertain and we can never see that more poignantly than in this portrayal. You'll leave with tears in your eyes and your heart on your sleeve... Come prepared to feel...Leave with the promise that you have today... Live it for all it's worth.

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