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The 15:17 to Paris (PG-13) (6.0)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Three young boys, all find themselves at the principal's office for different reasons. This chance interaction will lead to a lifetime of friendship and camaraderie. As they grow, they'll face challenges at home and at school. One thing that they all hold fast to is their faith. Though their dreams will carry them in different directions as life goes on, they'll find a way to stay in touch. When too much time had gone by, they all planned to meet up and explore Europe. What happened during this adventure would change all of their lives forever. It started out simple, just eating, drinking, sleeping, and of course sightseeing. Touring through the different countries and making new friends. The last leg of their journey would involve taking the train from Amsterdam to Paris. Though there were some tempting reasons not to go, one of them felt the need to be on that train. Little did they know, that, that one simple action would save the lives of hundreds. Shortly after departure, one particular passenger was recognized to be in the bathroom long enough to raise concern as to the person's safety. Just trying to check on the passenger (and waiting to use the facilities), led to a fight for life and death. The reason he had been in the bathroom so long was to ready himself for a fight. The three men did what they needed to with their training from their own experiences and saved hundreds of lives on board. What may seem like an incredibly slow journey is honestly exactly that, but it's powerful because it's true. Even using the actual ones involved, instead of Hollywood actors adds to it. A bit intense for some, a bit slow for others, there will be lovers and haters.

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