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The Alpinist (PG-13) (6.5)



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out of 10

The Review

Marc-Andre was the perfect example of a truly individual individual. Even at an early age, he never conformed to what others expected of him. Thankfully, he had someone who understood him even when the world didn't. His mother recognized that he was truly unique and helped guide him towards his dreams. These dreams took him all over the world. He was truly free when he was climbing. A white-hot fire burned within him that he continually kept going with taking on new adventures, new routes, and new peaks. He chased the intensity of the experiences. In that, he would look for other ways to match that intensity... but nothing compared to the rush he got while climbing. The only thing that could come close to matching it was the love that he shared with Brette. Their passion was shared on and off the mountains. Some of the adventures may have led them on different paths but they always found their way back to one another. That is until one fateful day in Alaska. Marc-Andre and a close friend of his decided to climb the Mendenhall Towers. After successfully completing the trek, they rejoiced in their success. What would occur on their return home would take the climbing world by surprise. This whole story is about celebrating Marc-Andre and his love of life. Though challenging at times to complete, it tells a story of passion in ways that few are able to express.

Those sensitive to vertigo may have issues with some of the footage that was captured firsthand on their adventures. It's a powerful story and even more stunning than you can imagine. Some of the subjects touched on and some of the content might not suit all audiences but it's a journey that must be experienced to be understood.

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