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The Bad Batch (R) (5.25)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

In a dystopian future at the edge of Texas, we follow a young woman seemingly cast out of society and considered part of the Bad Batch. She will now have to survive the desert full of cannibals. So why are they called the Bad Batch? Not sure actually, it’s not really fully explained. We get to a small city somewhere in the middle of the desert called Comfort where the Bad Batch seems to reside. Then it gets a bit weird to say the least. It has a social satire vibe mixed with a slow paced, post-apocalyptic, very stylistic version of Mad Max feel to it. There’s not a lot of plot and feels like a really long trailer. The times where you think you are getting somewhere it then seems to fall a bit short. It’s shot pretty good and the acting itself is actually really good. And even has some star power behind it even if you don’t even recognize some of them in the movie. You may have you head turned sideways and be asking so what is this movie then? If it intrigues you that much then maybe you should sit down and try to figure it out for yourself. Intrigued enough?

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