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The Beguiled (R) (4.25)



out of 10


out of 10

The Review

Three years into the Civil War, there was one refuge that strived for normalcy. Miss Farnsworth's Seminary for young women. Miss Martha Farnsworth had charge of young ladies from the innocence of youth to the women budding on adulthood. All seemed normal until one day one of the young ladies found a stranger in the woods. Injured and dying, she aids the young man back to the Seminary. Soon the entire place is abuzz with the new visitor. There is a sense of excitement and fear throughout all that dwelt within its walls. The chaos all around them would soon infiltrate the walls of their refuge. As it does, the peace and serenity that once existed will never be the same. What will become of this mysterious stranger? Will he have a lasting impact on any/all of the ladies within? What the outcome is may not be what you think. The entire story is based upon Monteverdi's Magnificent and retold through the eyes of a Coppola. It's intense and slow as it is presented but the details bring it together. It isn't for all, it's not even about the war, but there is an audience that will appreciate this for what it is. What is it you may ask? Find out for yourself.

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